package neko

Available on neko

Platform-specific Neko Library. Provides some platform-specific functions for the Neko target, such as conversion from Haxe types to native types and vice-versa.

Static methods


Returns bytes referencing the content of a string.


Returns an object containing all compiled packages and classes.


Converts a Haxe value to its Neko equivalent. Used to unwrap String and Arrays Objects into raw Neko values.

staticload(lib:String, prim:String, nargs:Int):Dynamic

Load and return a Neko primitive from a NDLL library.

staticloadLazy(lib:String, prim:String, nargs:Int):Dynamic


Unserialize a string using native Neko serialization. See serialize. This function assume that all the serialized data was serialized with current module, even if the module name was different. This can happen if you are unserializing some data into mod_neko that was serialized on a different server using a different file path.


Converts a Neko value to its Haxe equivalent. Used for wrapping String and Arrays raw values into Haxe Objects.


Print the specified value on the default output.


Print the specified value on the default output followed by a newline character.


Rethrow an exception. This is useful when manually filtering an exception in order to keep the previous exception stack.


Serialize using native Neko serialization. This will return a Binary string that can be stored for long term usage. The serialized data is optimized for speed and not for size.


Returns a string referencing the data contains in bytes.


Unserialize a string using native Neko serialization. See serialize.

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