MariaDB Server Documentation

Documentation on using MariaDB Server.

Title Description
SQL Statements & Structure SQL statements, structure, and rules.
Built-in Functions Functions and procedures in MariaDB.
Clients & Utilities Client and utility programs for MariaDB.
MariaDB Platform X3 MariaDB Platform X3 integrates MariaDB Server, MariaDB ColumnStore, and Mar...

MariaDB Administration

Title Description
Getting, Installing, and Upgrading MariaDB Getting, installing, and upgrading MariaDB Server and related software.
User & Server Security Creating users, granting privileges, and encryption.
Backing Up and Restoring Databases Tools and methods for backing up and restoring databases.
Server Monitoring & Logs Monitoring MariaDB Server and enabling and using logs.
Partitioning Tables Splitting huge tables into multiple table files.
MariaDB Audit Plugin Logging user activity with the MariaDB Audit Plugin.
Variables and Modes Server variables and SQL modes.
Copying Tables Between Different MariaDB Databases and MariaDB Servers Copy table files.

High Availability & Performance Tuning

Title Description
MariaDB Replication Documentation on standard primary and replica replication.
MariaDB Galera Cluster MariaDB Galera Cluster is a virtually synchronous multi-master cluster.
Optimization and Tuning Using indexes, writing better queries and adjusting variables for better performance.
Multi Master in maria db Can we configure Multi Master in Maria Db. I have testing three node A, B, ...
Multi master replication and deadlock detection in Galera with Mariadbs Hi, We have multi master Galera replication setup where three master maria...

Columns, Storage Engines, and Plugins

Title Description
Data Types Data types for columns in MariaDB tables.
Character Sets and Collations Setting character set and collation for a language.
Storage Engines Various storage engines available for MariaDB.
Plugins Documentation on MariaDB Server plugins.

Programming & Customizing MariaDB

Title Description
Programmatic & Compound Statements Compound SQL statements for stored routines and in general.
Stored Routines Stored procedures and functions.
Triggers & Events Creating triggers and scheduled events within MariaDB.
Views Stored queries for generating a virtual table.
User-Defined Functions Extending MariaDB with custom functions.
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