Nim Documentation Overview

The documentation consists of several documents:
  • Tutorial (part I)
    The Nim tutorial part one deals with the basics.

  • Tutorial (part II)
    The Nim tutorial part two deals with the advanced language constructs.

  • Tutorial (part III)
    The Nim tutorial part three about Nim's macro system.

  • Language Manual
    The Nim manual is a draft that will evolve into a proper specification.

  • Library documentation
    This document describes Nim's standard library.

  • Compiler user guide
    The user guide lists command line arguments, special features of the compiler, etc.

  • Tools documentation
    Description of some tools that come with the standard distribution.

  • GC
    Additional documentation about Nim's multi-paradigm memory management strategies
    and how to operate them in a realtime setting.

  • Source code filters
    The Nim compiler supports source code filters as a simple yet powerful builtin templating system.

  • Internal documentation
    The internal documentation describes how the compiler is implemented. Read this if you want to hack the compiler.

  • Index
    The generated index. Index + (Ctrl+F) == Joy

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